We can provide solutions on various scales, depending on the need and specifications:


-          Customization of system integrations ,Development of Client required   

           platforms pecifications

-          Reporting Platforms

-          Integration Platforms

-          Support

-          Control room design, Hardware , Software, layout and installation

-          Analytics

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) can be seen as the layer that sits on top of all your security systems to organize, analyze and manage all of the information received. Instead of having multiple system stations to manage ,PSIM integrates everything into a single, centralized view with all the information and details, for your security operations.

Management Platform : An electronic solution is required to assist in electronic data capturing and analytical report generation of risk , fleet, process availability, utilisation and performance based data.

System Benefits

  • Notification and scheduled reporting is intuitive, timely and accurate. Useful information is delivered to people who can act upon it in a timely manner.
  • Strict access and user privilege control and secure data.
  • Removes manual time consuming data collection in spread sheets.
  • Artificial Intelligence ,Automated notification and tasking procedures can be pre-defined and executed by following business rules. Failures to comply will be actioned by reaction rules.
  • As far as reporting is concerned a global performance/ efficiency view of an operation can beseen, as well as a detailed reconciled view of planned and actual performance are available

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Video Surveillance 

Our main focus is to ensure the system design and functionality is in line with the client expectation and needs.

- DVR/-NVR Systems- IP Surveillance  - Mega Pixel cameras (Various types)

Access Control

To control the entry and exit points of an area to ensure that only authorised people are allowed into designated areas.

- Proximity access
- Biometric access
- Intercoms
- Time and Attendance
- Gate Motors etc.
- Visitor Access

Security Management

Various solutions are available to ensure the protection of assets

- Risk Management
- Offsite Monitoring

Hospitality Management

- Front of House system
- Back of House system
- Billing integration
- Room access ( Electronic locking systems)
- Energy Saving, Lift management , etc

Cooling Systems-

Airconditioners, Cold Rooms

- PABX systems

-Standard PABX systems

- VOIP Systems

- Hotel Telephony

- Intercom Systems and Premicell Solutions


- Total Network Solutions, (Hardware ,    Software and Cabling)
-  Integration platforms


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